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We alejkumusselam,

Hajde da završimo našu polemiku. Na sljedećem linku je download link do posljednje poruke šejha Usame bin Ladena, rahimehullah, koja je objavljena posthumno na Ansar el-mudžahidin forumu, najautentičnijem džihadskom forumu koji uopšte postoji. Poruka je pripremana da se objavi, ali je u međuvremenu ubijen šejh Bin Laden, rahimehullah. Poruka nosi naslov: Poruka ummetu.
Evo linka:

Ako ne znaš arapski, evo prijevoda poruke na engleskom:

Praise Allah, we praise him and seek his help, and we take refuge against the evil in ourselves and our wrongdoings, he who Allah guides cannot go astray. And he who becomes misguided has no guidance, and I testify that no god but Allah, the One without partners, and I testify that Muhammad is his servant and messenger.
And thereafter:
My Muslim Ummah: we are watching with you this great historic event, and we share with you happiness and joy, cheerfulness and delight, we are happy with your happiness and we pain for your pains, so congratulations to you on your victories, and may Allah have mercy on your martyrs, heal your wounded, and release your prisoners.
And thereafter:
The Ummah for long has washed its face, awaiting the victory whose glad tidings came from the East, and then the sun of the revolution rose from the Maghreb [West]. The revolution was lit in Tunisia, and the Ummah adopted it [or was happy with it] and the peoples’ faces brightened up, and the throats of the rulers became sore, and the Jews became frightened with the nearing of the [fulfilling the] promises. With overthrowing the tyrant, the meanings of humiliation and submission and fear and hesitation were dropped, and the meanings of freedom, glory, bravery and courageousness appeared, and the winds of change blew intending to liberate, and Tunisia was the first.
And with the speed of lightning, the knights in Egypt took a handful of Tunisia’s free ones to Tahrir Square, and a huge revolution took off, and what revolution! A fateful revolution for all of Egypt, and also for the entire Ummah should it grasp onto the rope of its Lord. And this revolution was not one about food and clothes, but a revolution of glory and defiance; a revolution of sacrifice and giving, that lit the Nile’s cities and villages, from the lowest to the highest. And the youth of Islam began envisioning their glories and their souls yearned to the eras of their ancestors, so they took from al‐Tahrir Square in Cairo fire beams to defeat the suppressive regimes, and they stood in the face of falsehood and their raised their arms against it, and they did not fear its soldiers, and they made an oath and fulfilled that oath. The motivations are high and the hands help and the revolution is promising.
So to the free rebels in all our countries: take the lead in moving forward and beware of any dialogue, as there is no middle way between the people of truth and the people of misguidance, no way!
And remember that Allah awarded you days that are followed with more [days] and you are their knights and leaders, and in your hands are control and pioneering, and your Ummah preserved you for such great event, so continue the march and don’t fear the hardships, the march began toward the goal and the free have crawled with determination, and when the free one begins to march he won’t relent or stop; he will not stop until the yearned for goals are accomplished and the connected hopes Allahwilling. Your revolution is the destination of comfort and the place of the hopes of the bereaved and the wounded; as you have removed from the Ummah great disasters, may Allah resolve your hardships; and you are achieving great hopes, may Allah make your hopes true.
Sons of my Muslim Ummah: you are before a dangerous crossroads and a great, rare and historic opportunity to raise the Ummah and be liberated from enslavement to the wishes of the rulers and the man‐made laws and the Western domination. It is of great sin and big ignorance that this opportunity gets lost, which the Ummah has been waiting for faraway decades. So take advantage of it and destroy the idols and statues and establish justice and faith.
In this occasion, I remind the honest ones that establishing a council that provides opinion and advice to the Muslim people in all the important fields is a sharia duty, and most significantly one of some of the zealous ones who have given early advice about the necessity to uproot these oppressive regimes, and those who have high trust amongst the Muslim crowds.
They must begin such projects and announce it quickly, away from the influence of the suppressive rulers, and to establish an operation room that follows up with the events to work on parallel lines that include all the Ummah’s needs. And with benefiting from those with knowledge in this Ummah, and to utilize the qualified research centers and the knowledgeable educators, to rescue the peoples that resist to overthrow their tyrants as its sons get killed, and to direct the peoples that overthrew some of the rulers’ pillars with required steps to protect the revolution and achieve its goals. Also to
cooperate with the peoples whose revolutions haven’t taken off yet in order to determine the zero hour [the time] and what is required before then. Delay would expose the opportunity to loss, and rushing before time would increase the number of victims, and I assume that the winds of change will blow around the entire Islamic world Allah‐willing.
The youth must prepare what is required for the matter and should not do anything before consulting those honest ones with actual expertise who are alien to halfsolutions and supporting the oppressors.
My Muslim Ummah: you have witnessed a few decades ago many revolutions, which people were joyous about and then soon they began experiencing their catastrophes. The path to preserve the Ummah and her revolutions today from misguidance and injustice is to take off in a revolution of awareness and correcting the understandings in all the fields, especially the main ones, and the most important of them is the main pillar in Islam, and from the most important of what’s written on that is the book ‘Meanings that Must be Corrected’ by Shaykh Muhammad Qutb.
Lack of awareness exists in many of the Ummah’s sons, which results from the wrong culture the rulers have been broadcasting for long decades, is the great catastrophe. And the rest of the Ummah’s disasters are but one of its [lack of awareness] bitter fruits, and the culture of humiliation, degradation and submission, and dedicating the absolute obedience to the rulers—which is worshipping them not Allah—and surrendering the most important religious and living rights to them, and making the values, principles and individuals according to their orbit, makes a human lose his humanity and it makes him run after the ruler willingly without realization or open eyes, and he becomes a copier. If people do good he does good, and if people commit wrongdoings he would do too, which makes him a product of the worst of pleasures by which the ruler would do whatever he pleases, and those are the victims of injustice and suppression in our countries, whom the rulers brought to shout their names and stand with them in their trench.
And the rulers sought so people can give up their most important rights Allah awarded them, so they distorted the brains of the Ummah and marginalized their roles in the general important affairs by uniting the efforts of the religious and media institutions to give them credibility, so they eluded the peoples’ eyes and wills and minds and they publicized the idol of the rulers and established [establishments] falsely and deceptively in the name of religion, and also in the name of the country, in order for people to respect it and instill it in their hearts so the elders can make it holy. And the young ones weren’t protected against it, and they are our responsibility and they grew up on instinct, so they assassinated their instinct without conscious or mercy, and thus the elder got older and the youth have aged, and the tyrants increased their tyranny and the weakened weaker, so what are you waiting for? Save yourselves and your children as the opportunity allows, especially after the youth of ummah took the responsibility and consequences of the revolution, and the bullets and torture of the tyrants, so they smoothed up the road with their sacrifices, and they built the bridge of freedom with their blood.
Youth in the beginning of their lives who divorced the life of humiliation and suppression and chose either glory or the grave, so do the rulers understand that the people have gone out and not returning, until they achieve the promises Allah‐willing.
And in conclusion, the great injustice in our countries have reached a high level and we were much delayed in denying or changing it, so he who started should continue, may Allah bring victory, and he who didn’t start should prepare and be ready.
Congratulations to those who went out with this great will; so if he’s killed he’s the master of martyrs, and if he lives then [the life] of glory and pride, so support the truth and have no regrets, because saying the truth to a tyrant is glory, it is glad tidings, it is the road to life, it is the road to the afterlife, so if you will, die as a servant, or if you will, then die as a free.
O’ Allah, open for those who support your religion with clear openness and provide them with patience and certainty. O’ Allah, bring mature affairs to this Ummah where those who obey you are endeared and those who disobey, humiliated, in which to command with benevolence and forbid malevolence; our Lord, award us in life and award us in the afterlife, and protect us from the torture of hell; O’ Allah, strengthen our weakness and heal our fracture and solidify our steps; O’ Allah, we seek you against the figures of injustice, local and international, and support us against the disbelieving people. And our last prayer is praise Allah Lord of the Worlds

[Kraj poruke]

Ja sam crvenom bojom markirao samo dvije rečenice iz kojih se zaključuje da poruka datira neposredno prije smrti šejha Usame.

Nakon ovog dokaza, tebi ne preostaje ništa drugo nego da prihvatiš činjenicu da je šejh ubijen 2011. godine ili da kažeš da mudžahidi lažu i obmanjuju ummet.

Priču o Holivudu morat ćeš ovog puta izostaviti, jer naprosto ne pije vodu.

Halali ako sam bio grub, ali mi se nešto steglo u srcu kada moram braću na menhedžu ubjeđivati u ovako nešto. Na žalost, kafiri su napravili takvu propagandu da su mnogi muslimani izgubljeni među talasima informacija i dezinformacija. Fitna je tako velika da istina manje zvuči uvjerljivo nego laž.

Moj je savjet braći da ne “kopaju u dubine” i tako vade istinu na vidjelo pretpostavkama i sumnjama, već da vjeruju braći mudžahidima. Kafiri na sve moguće načine se trude da plasiraju dezinformacije i zbune ummet. Danas sa bezazlenim informacijama, sutra sa fitnom koja će dovesti do međusobnog ubijanja.

Još jednom brate Mu_hadzire, halali na grubosti, i ja sam tebi halalio.

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