40 minuta konferenciji za novinare sa Al-Qaidom u pokrajini Abyan

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    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    40 minuta konferenciji za novinare s Al-Qaide u pokrajini Abyan

    :zastava1: ‘We waited to Saturday 2012-01-20 for the news conference with Abu Hamza Jalal bin Mohsen Al-Marqashi, who is called by his companions the Amir of Islamic Wilayaha of Abyan, and our first meeting was in the region of Jaar, which name has been changed to ‘Waqar’.

    The one who accompanied us said that the location will be in Zinjibar, which means it will be near the ‘DC’ launchers and the stray rocket launchers, and indeed as soon as we reached Zinjibar and entered to the location where trees are present intensively – almost 10:00 am – we could hear the sounds of a fierce battle going on at that time on the outskirts of Zinjibar.

    It was like the big tree that we seek shadow under, gave us a space to recall what we prepared from questions for the meeting after it were dispersed by the sounds of the battle.

    We three journalists, I, and colleagues Anis Mansur and Wajdi Al-Shaabi, sat down. Several cameras that belong to them were kept in front of us and their Amir Abu Hamza Al-Marqashi received us.’ :zast:

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