Five Serbs Arrested In Tripoli are mercenaries, not construction workers!

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In the beginning of the national rebellion, for decades long Libyan dictator Qaddafi, in his pathological anger and hatred towards the rebels, he hired many hitmen (mercenaries) to kill the rebel Muslims, because a good part of the Libyan army turned against him and many soldiers who have willingly or by force remain under his control would not shoot at their own people (which is why they were brutally murdered).

In the situation like this, the mercenaries are the right solution.

According to the Serbian newspaper “Alo”, the Serbs were the first among those hired by Qaddafi .This is not surprise if one considers that Qaddafi maintained an excellent relationship with Serbia for decades, even at the time when Serbia took part in the aggression and genocide against the Muslims in Bosnia.

Thus, the Serbian “dogs of war” are killing rebel Muslims across Libya for astronomical wages. However, as the rebels succeed, there is need for more and more Serbian mercenaries.

Thus, the Serbian agency “Avax” recruited, and on August 12, sent more Serbian mercenaries to their “brother“ Qaddafi, among them five “construction workers“ who were arrested by rebel forces on August 20. They have been defending themselves claiming they are just an ordinary, innocent construction workers who arrived in Libya in the midst of war “to repair roads”!

Rebel’s claim that they have found optical sniper cope “innocent construction workers“ are denying.

The cheap version of the story that many Serbian media are trying to sell to the public this days, very few will believe. Moreover, the Serbian newspaper “Alo” on Tuesday, August 30, published on its’ website an article titled as “What kind of mercenaries are we!!”

In a commentary on this text, one visitor wrote: “If they were construction workers, I am the astronaut than!“

However, Serbian officials and other leading powerful Serbian media do not question the innocence of those “poor constructors“ and they are strongly trying to prove their innocence. So in desperate attempt to defend Serbian paid assassin, a Serbian newspaper “Blic” unconsciously gave, more likely, the greatest proof that those five “innocent constructions” are actually hitmen (mercenaries).

“Blic “ probably without thinking that they will give evidence against themselves and those who they trying to defend, have published a photo of one of five “innocent” – Milic Martinovic (full text in “Blic” read here ). Published image is likely just a part of picture from the Milic Martinovic’s shooting training, where it could be much more to see. But this was already enough because Milic published on web business service “LinkedIn” the picture where he has the same cap and goggles, that web site is where individuals and companies advertise their services and looking for jobs. Milic Martinovic posted his ad on this web service where he promoted their “business”.

With the same cap and goggles, Milic Martinovic is photographed but this time in the war pose with a gun aimed at a target.

On the “LinkedIn” profile, which has so far been available on the website , Milic Martinovic has as its stated interest in “Professional Safety and investigation” (Security and investigations Professional)

On August 31, Milic’s profile has been shut down, likely as not to be proof against him, because it would ruin the picture of “innocent construction“ sort by Serbian media and officials want to present.

Assuming that his profile will be shut down, i made screenshot of his profile on the LinkedIn, which can be viewed below. Click on image to view a “screenshot” profile in higher resolution.

Although some extinguished Martinovic's profile on LinkedIn, Google search still finds its profile, which is irrefutable proof that this profile was there (and you can convince yourself of this if you make a search on the Google search term: Milic, martinovic, LinkedIn). See also “screenshot” of Google's search results for terms: Milic, martinovic, LinkedIn. Click on image to view full size.

Also, you can see Google web cache for Martinovic's “business” advertisment on Linkedin bellow (for complite screenshot view click on image):

In fact, “Blic” revealed about Milic the following (I hope that the “Blitz” will not remove or edit this article, but I recorded the “screenshot”): “It is known in Arandjelovac as club president of practical shooters ‘Target’. This unusual event other than the precision rifle shooting involves the safe use of weapons, speed shooting, and shooting from a car safely.”

Also, with a little effort, I believe that it could be conclusively proved that other four detained Serbs are not construction workers, but hitmen paid by Qaddafi. For two of them, Serbian media is already reporting that their occupation is unknown, and this is usually done when it comes to biographical details of criminals, murderers etc.

Considering the above, it is clear that only a fool is to believe in naive stories of Serbian media and officials, according to which a military professional in the midst of the fierce war is going into a war zone to “fix the roads“.

We hope that Libyan revolutionaries are not a fools who believe in Serbian fairy tales!

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